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Our experts carefully design your nightscaping to ensure a unique after hours experience adding value to your property. With proper illuminating coverage to your landscaping, you will feel an added sense of privacy and security.

  Eye-catching landscaping accents
  Upward and downward lighting features
 Pathway and ornamental highlighting
  Adds privacy features to evenings
  Enhances security with illumination

Our nightscaping designs create a spectacular outdoor setting for evening enjoyment, as well as ensure a safe and secure home. Let our landscape design experts show you all the possibilities for enjoying the outdoors at any hour, while also lowering the risk of theft and vandalism to your home.


Where there is good nightscaping, you will notice that the lighting will not call attention to fixtures. The intention is to draw your eye's toward the creative features of the landscaping. So when considering nightscaping, our designer's keep in mind the benefits of upward lighting, downward lighting or casting illumination over over paths, walkways and special plants to bring your landscaping to life at night.


The presence of sound in an outdoor environment enhances the experience and influences the dynamic. Some relaxing alone time or a rocking party can both be achieved with a properly planned outdoor sound system installation. Imagine being able to control the complete vibe & tone of the space without even leaving your seat. Integrating wifi capabilities is a way to stay connected to your outdoor audio system from anywhere on your property.

See more in our gallery of finished nightscape landscaping.


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