Outdoor living continues to be a driving force behind many residential landscape projects and will strengthen throughout 2022. Big box stores and retail giants have embraced this shift over the past few years and have even dedicated portions of their facilities to keep up with the demand. In addition, the interest in innovative landscaping products to create spaces for refuge, relaxation, and entertainment is leading the outdoor living surge.

The top three sought-after landscaping trends are:

“Smart” Landscape

Technology and landscape are terms that evoke more of a feeling of conflict than compliment, but this couldn’t be farther from true. For example, residential irrigation systems can be programmed to operate based on data provided by weather stations to optimize efficiency. Rainfall, humidity, wind speed, and temperature are all accounted for to give just the necessary amount of water. Landscape lighting has the capability to adjust intensity, color, and location at a moment’s preference. Outdoor WIFI audio systems strategically placed within the landscape offer a feeling of absolute emersion in sound. Oh, and by the way, these can all be easily controlled right from the palm of your hand because “there’s an app for that.”

Health and Wellness

Outdoor living and the implementation of outdoor spaces can create areas that encourage relaxation and reduce overall stress. Healing gardens similar to those in health care facilities can be recreated on a residential scale and lead you “well” into absolute Zen. Combining plant materials that appeal to the five senses and soothing audio can evoke restorative experiences. Add to that increased social gatherings within these environments, connecting another dimension to your mental wellness journey.

Extension of the Home

Outdoor living should be a seamless blend of architecture and landscaping, reflecting style and comfort from the interior to the home’s exterior. Integrating elements such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and roof structures create additional space for relaxation and entertainment. Maximizing the usage time with these features is essential, especially with our mid-Atlantic region’s drastic seasonal climate changes. With interest in outdoor spaces continuing to rise, some homes for sale are listing both the interior square footage and the size of the exterior areas.

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